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Founder & Managing Director of Bandelli & Associates, Dr. Adam C. Bandelli is an organizational.
Succession planning and executive development are critical to any organization’s long-term health and.
Founder & Managing Director of Bandelli & Associates, Dr. Adam C. Bandelli is.
Dr. Adam C. Bandelli joins the Love Lab Podcast to discuss how Relational Intelligence.
The role of leadership today is also very different from what it was.

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Adam C. Bandelli, Ph.D.
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At Bandelli & Associates, we believe the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. Our consultants leverage psychological insights, business acumen, and years of firsthand experience to help our clients identify, unlock, and unleash their true leadership potential. We work side-by-side with leaders to provide them with the knowledge and wisdom needed to have a lasting positive impact on their people, teams, and organizations.

We believe in the power of relational intelligence. This is demonstrated in the authentic and genuine relationships we build with all of our clients. We challenge the leaders we work with to embrace diversity of thought. We empower leaders to capitalize on their greatest talents, skills, and core capabilities. We inspire our clients to be bold, take calculated risks, and drive sustainable change.

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