"Our organization partnered with Bandelli & Associates to roll out their Relational Intelligence Experience. It was an amazing program that helped all our leaders develop the skills and abilities needed to build dynamic relationships with employees across our organization. The passion and commitment from Adam’s team to customize an Executive Education & Learning experience for our culture was outstanding."
Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Products Company
"The team at Bandelli & Associates is great to work with. They built a Senior Executive Development program for the Top 75 leaders in our company and it was a complete success. Our senior executives received the insights and feedback need to accelerate their growth and performance. After completing the program 25 of our leaders were promoted into roles of increased scale, scope, and responsibility. This is a testament to the work Adam’s team put in during the duration of the program."
Senior Vice President, Corporate & Organizational Development, Financial Services Company
"Adam was my executive integration coach when I joined the company. He immediately took the time to get to know me personally and my unique leadership style. He showed interest, empathy, and support in helping me navigate the first year and half of my tenure with the company. His understanding of organizational culture and context enabled me to strengthen my leadership presence and effectively take on roles of increased scale and scope. His insights and expertise helped to improve my leadership."
President EMEA Division, Medical Devices Company
"Adam helped us with both executive assessments and a leadership development initiative in order to make our executive team stronger and more effective. He worked with us to show our individual strengths and opportunities, and most important, how to leverage our abilities to work best together as a cohesive team. Even after his work with us was done, I still reach out to Adam occasionally for guidance and wisdom. He has become a trusted advisor and I'd highly recommend him to others who want to improve their leadership skills."
Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Clothing Retailer
“Working with Bandelli & Associates has greatly impacted the leadership capabilities of people across our organization. They helped us build a comprehensive leadership model for the entire company, and then we used this to develop a complete talent management agenda. Bandelli & Associates worked with us all the way to instill a training and development platform, a culture change initiative, and performance management. It was great working with Adam and his team.”
Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Products Company
“Working with an executive coach was so instrumental in my professional growth and development. Adam really helped me take a deep dive into my wiring and DNA as a leader. We worked together for a year, and he truly helped me become a better manager of people.”
Vice President of Manufacturing, Energy & Electric Company
“My team was going through some major challenges. We had new people on the team and some difficult personalities. Bandelli & Associates helped us get a better understanding of our individual and collective strengths and development areas. We were able to align on a collective strategy and deploy our team resources in the right manner. We couldn’t have made such great progress without the support of Bandelli & Associates.”
Executive Vice President, Retail Operations, Consumer Electronics Retailer
“When we acquired a small medical biotech company, there were major culture changes that needed to take place. We had to bring together two distinct cultures and find the common ground. Bandelli & Associates helped us all get on the same page. They conducted an organizational culture study and helped us get clear about the new values and norms we wanted moving forward. They then helped us outline a culture change communication plan so that all employees understood where we were heading. We couldn’t have merged the two cultures together without their support.”
Chief Executive Officer, Global Pharmaceutical Company
“It’s been an amazing year working with Adam and his firm. I’m a better leader today than I was a year ago. Everyone around me has seen the change. He has a skill and art of dropping seeds of wisdom that have allowed me to do deep dives and come out the other side having many ‘aha’ moments.”
Chief Executive Officer, National Non-Profit Organization
“I felt that Adam was truly invested in my progress. He held me accountable to our goals and at times was challenging, which is all the markings of a great coach. Lastly, I really appreciated that there were exercises and next steps that continued after our course of work concluded. Going forward, I also know he is always available for questions as a general go-to professional resource. This includes the ongoing newsletter and blog posts from Bandelli & Associates that are always welcome in my inbox.”
Chief Human Resources Officer, Global Insurance Provider
“Adam and his team did a wonderful job in achieving the goals for this retreat. They pushed us to express our thoughts in a structured manner and did a nice job of keeping a difficult group on task. They were very sincere, well-prepared, engaging, made us feel extremely comfortable.”
Vice President of Sales, Pharmaceutical Company
“Bandelli & Associates helped us implement a robust high potential talent development program. They customized a nine-month program that included executive development assessments, feedback, executive education, and an action-learning initiative. We had 15 people go through the pilot program. We saw half of these leaders promoted within six months of completing the program. Adam and his team were amazing to work with. His passion and enthusiasm inspires people and pushes us to become better.”
Chief Marketing Officer, Media & Entertainment Company
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