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Succession planning and executive development are critical to any organization’s long-term health and vitality. When companies invest in developing their […]

To become a great leader, certain habits, skills, and behaviors must be practiced on a regular basis. Successful leaders know […]

In this episode of TribePod, we break down the difference between emotional intelligence (aka emotional quotient) and relational intelligence (RI), […]

It’s time for introverts to be acknowledged and commended for many of the great qualities they bring to developing relationships.

Through inspiring leaders to prioritize individuals’ well-being over productivity, Bandelli is helping entrepreneurs create a more compassionate and profitable workplace.

The five essential skills will help you attract, retain and engage talent spanning across the different generations—because we all want, […]


Being relationally intelligent is one of the bedrocks of healthy relationships which trickles health and happiness into every aspect of […]

Why was Machiavelli wrong? How to manage emotions at work? Does everyone’s upbringing at home really influence what kind of leaders […]

Do you want to be a great leader? Do you want to build life-changing relationships with your team, customers, and […]

On this episode, Robert Moore III sits down with special guest Dr. Adam C. Bandelli. Dr. Bandelli is the visionary […]

Relational intelligence, defined as the ability to successfully connect with people and build strong, long-lasting relationships, is one of the […]

Move over EQ, we’re shifting from emotional intelligence to relational intelligence as we chat with Dr. Adam Bandelli about why […]

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