About Bandelli & Associates
Who We Are: Built Different.

We are a firm of leadership advisors that use the POWER of Relational Intelligence to build authentic dynamic partnerships with our clients to unleash their true potential.

We are a firm of multi-cultural/multi-ethnic consultants with deep expertise in different industries and business sectors. Our collective experiences enable us to bring diversity of thought to all the work we do. 

We are a firm of resilient and innovative thought catalysts that inspire our clients to tap into their core purpose, which translates into how they lead financially profitable organizations.

We are a firm that passionately cares about more than just business. We strongly advocate for mental health awareness and the personal well-being of all the leaders we serve.

Our Mission

We are called to help leaders identify, embrace, and unleash their authentic selves at work. We help leaders transform the quality of their relationships by practicing Relational Intelligence with their people, teams, and organizations. Our team believes in COURAGE, STRENGTH, and FEARLESSNESS.

Courage – We challenge our clients to grow every day no matter what obstacles or adversity they face.

Strength – We empower our clients to capitalize on their greatest talents, skills, and capabilities.

Fearlessness – We inspire our clients to be bold, take calculated risks, and drive change.

Our Core Values

Authenticity – We are genuine and transparent in all that we do.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards as organizational psychologists and management consultants.

Accountability – We challenge our clients to strive for excellence in all that they do.

Loyalty –We build trusting, committed, and long-lasting bonds with our clients.

Compassion – We exist to build supportive, positive relationships with our clients.

Honesty – We are open, direct, and candid with our clients.

Fearlessness – We don’t fear the future. We help our clients navigate the unknown and the unexpected.

Deliver Exceptional Results – We deliver the best standards of excellence in all of the work we do.

Built Different.

Discover How Relational Intelligence Is Changing The Way That Leaders Operate.