360-Degree Feedback

A critical component of leadership development is feedback. Leaders can dramatically improve the quality of their work relationships, their impact on the business, and overall leadership style through accurate and detailed input from others. At Bandelli & Associates, we believe 360-degree feedback is vital to the success of any leader. We partner with our clients to develop qualitative and/or quantitative 360-degree measures that bring clarity and insight to one’s leadership effectiveness.

We offer two approaches to 360-degree feedback:

  • Interview-based – The interview-based 360-degree feedback process involves soliciting input (e.g., strengths, development opportunities, and leadership traits) from a cross-section of colleagues. Our approach looks to gather data from managers, peers, direct reports, and cross-functional stakeholders to develop a robust snapshot of one’s current leadership style. A development plan and coaching protocol can be used to leverage the 360-degree data and help a leader improve their overall effectiveness.

  • Survey-based – The survey-based 360-degree feedback process leverages the Bandelli 360-degree survey tool to generate data across the ten leadership competencies that make for effective leadership. The survey tool can be used at all levels of the organization and is quick to set up and administer. Customized feedback reports are developed, which leverage an aggregate summary of the quantitative scores and a theme-based summary from open-ended questions that can be customized to fit your company’s needs.
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