High Potential Development

Investing in your talent is one of the greatest things you can do for long-term success. Taking time to develop your high potential leaders builds the necessary skills and capabilities for them to take on roles of greater responsibility and scope over time. It also strengthens retention and helps people maximize their deepest potential.

At Bandelli & Associates, we believe high potential development is all about helping leaders prepare for increased scope and responsibility for the organization. We look at high potential development on three levels:

  • Personal Leadership: High potentials are the best and brightest in your organization. They process information quickly and are able to think and perform at strategic levels for the organization. They also have the drive, passion, and motivation to take on more and impact the business in a strong, positive fashion. Our team helps high potential leaders develop a deeper understanding of their strengths, development opportunities, and leadership impact. This greatly enhances their self-awareness, and ability to lead with greater clarity.

  • People Leadership: High potentials impact the people around them. They inspire performance and commitment to excellence. They demonstrate consistency and hard work for others to follow. They have the ability to influence with or without authority. People gravitate towards them. Our team helps high potentials strengthen their ability to impact others. Whether it is team effectiveness or creating shared values, we believe high potentials have the talents to inspire and motivate others. We help them unlock these capabilities.

  • Organizational Leadership: High potentials move up the organizational hierarchy quickly. They leverage their analytical and strategic thinking capabilities to impact the organization at the enterprise-level. They think about current circumstances and plan for the future. They galvanize employee commitment and engagement. Our team helps high potentials maximize their organizational effectiveness. We work with our clients to lead at scale and impact the business at a systemic level.

High potentials need to transition from doing to leading. They have to be capable of integrating complex information and drawing conclusions quickly. They have to inspire through influence without authority. They have to balance a focus on the here-and-now with an eye towards the future. They need the personal make up and character to lead at the enterprise level. Our consulting team partners with individuals, teams, and organizations to help build the succession pipeline and prepare leaders for increased scale.

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