Leadership Competency Modelling

Based on over twenty years of research on leadership behavioral traits and competency models, the Bandelli Leadership Competency Model (BLCM) outlines the ten universal and indisputable competencies of leadership effectiveness.

The BLCM serves as a foundation for many of our service offerings, including Senior Executive Selection, Executive Coaching, and High Potential Development. 

The BLCM is best used in our Executive Education & Learning programs. We offer three different Leadership Competency Model Experiences about the BLCM: a) one-day workshop; c) half-day seminar; and d) two-hour webinar.

Our team can also partner with your organization to develop a customized leadership competency framework that best fits your company’s needs. We leverage our extensive proprietary database of leadership competencies and behavioral traits to identify the best model to fit your organization’s culture. Contact us today to learn more.

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