Leadership Development Workshops

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Bandelli & Associates leadership retreats, workshops, and seminars enables leader to learn about their strengths and opportunities, and develop a leadership story that has lasting impact. We offer retreats, workshops, and seminars in many areas of leadership effectiveness:

  • What Every Leader Needs®– This two day retreat focuses on the ten universal and indisputable competencies of leadership effectiveness. We take our clients through the ten leadership dimensions, and help them incorporate each behavior into their leadership repertoire.

  • Essentials of Relational Intelligence – Leadership is all about relationships. It is about the impact we have on others. This one-day workshop focuses on the five dimensions of relational intelligence. Leaders learn how to leverage these competencies to build strong working relationship, and effectively influence others.

  • Fundamentals of EQ – Emotional Intelligence is a powerful skill-set for leaders to have in their toolkit. In this workshop, your people will learn about the four EQ skills and how they are connected to building strong teams and organizations.

  • Leadership Seminars – At Bandelli & Associates, we offer a wide variety of seminars on critical leadership capabilities. Some of our offerings include: conflict management, negotiation, team effectiveness, culture building, strengthen your team’s brand, leadership impact, influencing without authority, power and politics in organizations.
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