Bandelli Relational Intelligence Assessment™

At Bandelli & Associates, we believe Relational Intelligence is a critical driver for leadership effectiveness. Leaders that cultivate a deeper understanding of their strengths and development opportunities, understand the talents and capabilities of others, and build long-term sustainable relationships with their people drive performance and productivity for their organizations. 

To assess the Bandelli Relational Intelligence Model™, we have designed and developed the Bandelli Relational Intelligence Assessment™. This assessment tool gives leaders a deeper understanding of where they stand on each of the five essential skills of Relational Intelligence.

The on-line assessment can be completed in 35-40 minutes. It consists of a series of fictional scenarios based on real life case studies. Participants are asked to rank their perceived appropriateness of available actions under each scenario. The test was built with thousands of leaders and went through robust psychometric validation processes. Leaders who score high on this assessment are generally more likely to have teams that are more engaged, diverse, committed, and growth-oriented. 

Feedback is provided after completing the assessment. The assessment can also be used as part of any of our leadership development or executive assessment service offerings. All participants receive a report describing their strengths and developmental opportunities, as well as recommendations for where they can make improvements in their relationships and leadership.

Built Different.

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