Purpose & Vision Setting Experience

The most effective senior leadership teams have a shared core purpose and vision for their organizations. This type of singular focus provides clarity, direction, and commitment from your employees and serves as a rallying cry for the business. The best senior teams create their purpose and vision collectively. Everyone has a voice in the decision-making process.

In this two-day immersive offsite experience, your leaders will work together to create a core purpose statement and vision for the organization. Our team customizes the content for the experience by conducting our Purpose and Vision Needs Assessment with your senior leaders. We tailor the exercises and activities during the program to best fit the needs of your people.

A core purpose statement answers the “WHY” your organization is in business. It is the deeper, more fundamental reasons for the company’s existence. The primary role of a shared core purpose is to guide and inspire your people. It captures the soul of your organization.

A vision statement describes the desired long-term results of your organization’s achievement of its purpose. When senior leaders have a common unified vision that is unambiguous and clearly stated, great things happen. The vision for your organization must be something that everyone can commit to regardless of their area of expertise or part of the business. A strong vision leads to increased clarity and direction for your people.

When your senior leaders are clear on the organization’s purpose, and they set a vision behind it, it galvanizes the workforce. Employees at all levels have greater ownership and personal commitment to helping the organization achieve success. The Purpose and Vision Setting Experience equips your leaders with the skills needed to make this happen. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation and learn more about our program.

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