Relational Intelligence Experience

Relational Intelligence is the ability to successfully connect with people and build strong, long-lasting relationships. Our research has found that when leaders are authentic and intentional about building relationships with their people, it leads to many positive and productive organizational outcomes. Leaders who consistently practice relational intelligence have employees who are more engaged in their work, are more satisfied with their jobs, and are more loyal and committed to their organizations.

In this two-day immersive offsite experience, your leaders will learn the five essential skills of Relational Intelligence and get to put them into practice with their colleagues. Our team customizes the content for the experience by conducting our Relational Intelligence Needs Assessment with your senior leaders. We tailor each exercise to fit their needs.

The Relational Intelligence Experience focuses on these five essential skills:

1.  Establishing Rapport: This skill is the ability to use ENERGY to create an initial positive connection with others. In business, this plays out in recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. It also impacts the early stages of team formation, alignment, and collaboration.

2. Understanding Others:This skill is the ability to be INTENTIONAL about putting in the time and effort needed to get to know people on a deep level. This involves the use of one’s EQ, active listening skills, demonstrating curiosity and inquisitiveness, and being empathetic and compassionate to others.

3. Embracing Individual Differences:This skill is the ability to be AUTHENTIC in acknowledging and accepting that everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences. Embracing individual differences is about actively pursuing diversity of thought to create inclusive work cultures where everyone, regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, spiritual or religious beliefs, personality, or cross-cultural factors are valued and appreciated.

4.  Developing Trust:This skill is the ability to be VULNERABLE and risk being exposed to the actions and behaviors of others. It is the most important skill of relational intelligence. To develop and maintain trust, people must continually nurture their relationships. When trust is developed with your people and teams, it translates into higher levels of cooperation, team effectiveness, and performance.

5.  Cultivating Influence: This skill is the ability to have a positive and meaningful IMPACT on the lives of others. This is the most powerful skill of relational intelligence because it focuses on helping your people become the best versions of themselves. It focuses on actively coaching, mentoring, and providing consistent developmental feedback to help your employees grow.

When your leaders put relationships, people, and culture first it leads to greater levels of performance and financial profitability. The bottom line grows when your employees know that they matter and that their work contributes to the greater good. The Relational Intelligence Experience equips your leaders with the skills needed to make this happen. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation and learn more about our program.

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