Team Acceleration Experience

Leadership teams play two essential roles in an organization. First, they provide operational and strategic leadership by setting goals, developing strategies, and driving execution. The second role is less obvious but just as important. The leadership team provides the cultural DNA for the company. How well this team functions as a collective unit, and how its members interact, serves as a model that teams throughout the organization will follow. When the leadership team functions better, the whole organization operates more efficiently.

During this two-day off-site experience, your leaders will clarify what it means to lead at an enterprise level for your organization. As a team, they will work through the five tenants of executive team effectiveness.

The Leadership Team Acceleration Experience focuses on the following skills:

Understanding Each Other. Using the Hogan Leadership Forecast reports, we outline what drives individual team members. We discuss individual and team scores around core values and how this connects to strengths and derailers that drive team performance.

Getting Clear on Key Objectives.  As a team, you will identify and gain alignment on what it means to lead at an enterprise level and develop a deeper understanding of how your role on the team goes beyond functional responsibilities.

Shifting the Mentality. The team will get alignment on how to use a growth mindset to be successful as one operating entity. This creates an individual and collective commitments to working collaboratively across business units and functional areas of responsibility.

Setting the Stage. The team will create clear a “rules of engagement” roadmap to guide how team members collaborate and make decisions.  Leadership team members must be vulnerable, transparent, and foster strong communication skills to make this become a fabric of the organization.

Calibrate Channels. Leadership teams are only effective when their thinking, behaviors, and decision making can be spread across various levels of your organization. We discuss and calibrate the various channels you’ll use to ensure your leadership team’s values and actions serve as a model for the organization.

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