Make the Right Hire: The Value of the Executive Assessment

Hiring the right executives for the right roles in your organization can be a challenge. When selection mistakes are made, or the wrong leader is chosen for a role, companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on replacing executives. Identifying the right leaders for the right roles in your organization is critical to driving success. The key is matching the strengths of the leader to the needs of the job role, the team, and the organization to accelerate performance and produce outstanding results.

At Bandelli & Associates, we focus on the mix of psychological leadership traits and business skills that impact performance. Our ability to provide senior executives with highly nuanced and behavioral insights enables us to more accurately assess an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and customize a development plan to help the individual, and the organization, achieve their full potential.

Our approach is based in quantitative and qualitative analysis and include:

  • Defining the context: organizational, strategic, and environmental.
  • Leveraging the What Every Leader Needs™ leadership competency model to explore the universal and indisputable competencies of leadership effectiveness.
  • Building a customized set of role objectives and behavioral outcomes for success in the role.
  • Gathering multiple data inputs: online assessments (e.g., Bandelli Leadership Competency Inventory™), industry benchmarking, stakeholder input (e.g., 360-degree feedback), and structured behavioral interviews (e.g., Bandelli Leadership Assessment™).
  • Presenting consolidated individual and aggregate reports.
  • Leveraging data for on-boarding, integration, and development.

By providing multiple measurements of the probability of a candidate’s success, executive assessment data is invaluable in helping decision-makers select an executive with a maximum degree of confidence that he or she is the right leader for the job. The process delivers:

  • Enhanced insight for clear decision-making and integration and development guidance.
  • A tight link between universal leadership competencies, specific role requirements, and the key behaviors needed for success.
  • Comprehensive assessment input from multiple channels.
  • Alignment of business goals and key stakeholders (e.g., boards, hiring managers, and HR).
  • Business impact today and in the future through aligned, high-quality leadership.

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We look forward to working with you as you hire superior talent for your most important roles!