The Do’s and Don’t’s of Leadership: What Every Leader Can Learn from Batman and Superman

In celebration of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, here are the top ten do’s and don’t’s for any leader.

  1. Do Have a Purpose/Mission: Superman had a mission – to protect the people of planet earth. He made sacrifices for the greater good. Every leader needs a mission and purpose. Do you want to create a great business? Do you desire to impact many people on a large scale? Do you want to leave a lasting legacy? Find out what your purpose is and pursue it with all your energy and effort.
  2. Do Stand Up for Something Greater than Yourself: Batman believed superman was a threat to mankind. He had to try to stop this threat from impacting the people around him. Leaders must believe in the greater good. They have to stand up for something more than personal gain and wealth. Look to identify the things that have meaning in your life. Believe in something more than yourself. Give back to others.
  3. Do Show Courage: Batman and Superman demonstrated great courage to stand up to Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Every leader has to lead with courage. There will be good days and dark days in life. The strong leader needs take the good with the bad, and make sure to keep persevering. Learn to take the positive away from negative situations. Focus on learning as an overall life objective. Believe the best is yet to come.
  4. Do Honor the Past: Although Bruce Wayne was born into wealth, he honored his parents and their legacy. He figured out how to maintain and grow his family’s wealth. Leaders need to honor, and learn from, the past. There are life lessons all around us. No leader should have to reinvent the wheel. Look for role models and mentors along the way. Find out how to partner and work with those you respect. Always honor the people that have come before you and succeeded.
  5. Do Play Nice with Others: Batman vs Superman was an epic battle – one for the superhero ages! Leaders cannot afford to fight with others. You need people if you’re going to succeed in leadership. Learn to surround yourself with people of excellence; those that have strengths where you are weak. Figure out how to leverage the capabilities of others to maximize collective performance.
  6. Don’t Try to Do It All By Yourself: Batman had Alfred. Superman had Lois Lane. In leadership, we can’t accomplish much on our own. We need others. We need people that we can trust and confide in. People who encourage us to grow and develop. People who challenge us to be the best we can be. Remember to cherish the people in your life. Those that matter most help us to grow each day.
  7. Don’t Cut Corners: Lex Luthor would stop at nothing to dominate others. He tried to pin Batman against Superman. He tried to cut corners to achieve his supremacy. Leaders cannot cut corners. Anything that is worth accomplishing takes time and effort. You have to sow before you reap. Focus on sowing daily, and doing consistent things day-in and day-out. This will help you reach your desired outcome.
  8. Don’t Change Your Beliefs for Others: Both Batman and Superman kept their beliefs. Despite the chaos that surrounded them, they held on to their principles and it helped them persevere in the end. Leaders must practice consistency in the way they manage others. You cannot change your leadership style or compromise your beliefs and achieve success. Stay committed to what you believe in through thick and thin, and you will see your dreams come to pass.
  9. Don’t Focus on the Negative: Superman had a lot to deal with. People doubted him. They feared his power, and wanted him destroyed. Despite these challenging circumstances, he did not get sucked into the negative. As leaders, we need to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Remember, whatever we focus on regularly becomes our reality. If we are focusing on the negative, it will come to pass. If we focus on positive things, positive things will happen. Always stay positive regardless of the situations around you.
  10. Don’t Ever Give Up: Batman and Superman eventually figured out the game Lex Luthor was playing and joined forces. They fought until the end. Leaders need to always move forward. Learn from mistakes but always keep your eyes on the future. Never give up on a dream. There will be ups and downs; moments of adversity and strife. However, no matter the circumstances, stay focused and never, ever give up. The true mark of a leader is the one who perseveres until the end.