The Greatest Selfless Leader

This weekend we celebrate Easter. For many Christians, it’s known as Resurrection Sunday. This holiday represents the tremendous sacrifice Christ made for our sins. He gave Himself up as a ransom, and through His resurrection, all who confess and believe in Him, are born again. That’s a pretty amazing model for stewardship; for putting others before oneself.

Regardless of their spiritual beliefs, the best leaders know how to put others before themselves. They value people and their contributions of time, effort, and energy. They look to make others better through feedback, mentoring, and coaching. They take time to get to know others, their personal stories, and then use this to maximize their full potential.

Below are the top five lessons every leader can learn from Jesus Christ:

  1. Do Unto Others: The Golden Rule. Simple, succinct, and straightforward. Christ believed in loving people, and treating everyone the way you would want to be treated. That goes for your team members as well as your competition. Additionally, leaders must practice what they preach. They must be role models for others to follow. They must treat people the way we want to be treated.
  2. Sow Before You Reap: Nothing comes by chance. All success has its origins in blood, sweat, and tears. You must sow before you can reap. Where and how we sow is just as important as the process itself. If you sow negative things — contention, strife, and discord amongst people — you can expect that in return. If, on the other hand, you sow harmony, good will, and hope, you can expect that in return. Remember we get out what we put into life.
  3. Faith of a Mustard Seed: With faith people can accomplish great things. You don’t need to be a pastor or preacher’s son to have faith. All we need is a little hope. Hope in a better tomorrow. Hope in a brighter future. Hope in what’s possible. Faith can move mountains. Jesus taught his disciples this simple principle. According to your faith, it will be done unto you.
  4. Humility Comes Before Success: Pride comes before destruction. It comes when we think we can do it all alone. It’s when we push others away, and arrogantly take all the credit, that’s when things start to fall apart. The best leaders are humble. They know what they do well, and they know how and when, to leverage the strengths of others. Humility is a necessity to effective leadership on any level.
  5. Be a Light Unto Others: Jesus believed his followers were the lights of the world. They were to bring the hope of Christ and the message of salvation to the masses. As leaders, we have to be a source of hope and inspiration to others. The greatest leaders make others better. Not through their words, but through their actions. Be a light to the people that matter most to you. Be a source of inspiration to others.