Restructuring Your Company: The Benefits of Organizational Design

Change is happening all around us. In organizational contexts, change is constantly taking place. Companies are either moving forward or moving backwards. There is little time for complacency and inertia. Given that change is inevitable, leaders need to think about designing their organizations in the best manner possible to adapt and stay on the cutting edge. Organizational design is a great tool to rethink, rebuild, and restructure a company to evolve at the right pace.

A well-designed organization provides a clear and consistent blueprint for how resources are organized and operated to achieve a company’s strategic priorities. Our research indicates that companies with strong structure and design are four times more likely to achieve sustained, profitable growth.

At Bandelli & Associates, we partner with clients to help them design and implement organization structure and design models that translate strategy into effective execution, to deliver results.

A well-designed operating model:

  • _Ensures consistency of all elements in the organization system through a clear and coherent blueprint before embarking on detailed organizational design.
  • Goes beyond structure to specify how the org chart comes to life with clear accountabilities, governance and ways of working.
  • Explicitly supports the strategy by emphasizing the key capabilities required to win.
  • Ensures that critical decisions are made and executed quickly with a sharp focus on value.
  • Reinforces the positive aspects of a company’s culture, heritage, and values.

Companies considering operating model redesigns are often prompted by a common set of triggers. These triggers could include: external factors, such as technological disruption or an evolution of the regulatory environment; strategy changes, such as a major acquisition or entry in a new market; or internal challenges such as excess cost and complexity, ineffective decision-making, or a founder approaching retirement.

We ensure that our clients have the right operating model to address their specific challenges. Typically, there is often not one right answer, but a small set of feasible options that require objective evaluation in light of each company’s unique strategic needs.

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