Help! My Company is in Need of an Organizational Culture Makeover

In the April 2016 edition of the Harvard Business Review, an article by Jay W. Lorsch and Emily Mctague, suggests that when organizations get into trouble, fixing the culture tends to be the quick fix. They argue that culture is not the culprit, but that when organizations are in crisis, it is usually because the business is broken. Although this can be the case in certain situations, we believe culture is critical to leadership effectiveness. Understanding the underpinnings of an organization, it’s history, norms, and beliefs enables leaders to strengthen commitment and unleash the true capabilities of their people.

Effective leadership is a key driver of performance–particularly when aligned with organizational culture. Recognizing this inextricable link, Bandelli & Associates provides a consistent approach to organizational culture analysis and change that has helped our clients cultivate their leadership capabilities at all organizational levels. As a result, organizations can launch development efforts that are aligned with key cultural factors that drive performance.

Our unique process empowers leaders to understand and own their impact on the culture of the organizations they lead. We do this by applying a combination of world-class diagnostics that are designed to build culture awareness and identify actionable areas for improvement.

We have proven capabilities in helping clients build high performance business cultures — those characterized by a high level of personal leadership, people leadership, organizational leadership, and business leadership.

  • Personal Leadership – Understanding one’s personal values, principles, and beliefs, and how these influence a leader’s impact on others. Personal leadership is about linking one’s vision to goals and objectives that can be attained.
  • People Leadership – Is about leveraging the talents and capabilities of others. This focuses on empowerment and unleashing the capabilities of the team. Leaders create shared values that drive performance.
  • Organizational Leadership – Focuses on driving alignment and consistency across organizational boundaries. The focus is on enterprise effectiveness and leading towards the future.
  • Business Leadership – Involves looking externally to the market, to one’s customers, and to the competition. Business leadership is about driving the changes needed to create a lasting impact on the industry. For more information on how to improve your leadership effectiveness through cultivating a deeper understanding of your organization’s culture, contact Bandelli & Associates at

Leadership Matters. Without It, People Fail.