Strengthen Your Leadership Effectiveness: The Power of Psychological Testing

Psychological assessment testing provides an excellent complement to any leadership assessment or development process. Learning about one’s leadership style, their personal preferences, and values/beliefs can greatly enhance leadership impact. At Bandelli & Associates, we believe psychological assessment testing is vital to getting leaders the insights needed to grow professional.

At Bandelli & Associates, we offer a suite of psychological assessment tests that can be used in conjunction with our Bandelli Leadership Assessment™, 360-degree feedback processes, or executive coaching. These assessments tests can also be used separately as stand-alone measures to drive leadership growth.

Bandelli Leadership Competency Inventory™ – Based on the book, What Every Leader Needs™, this assessment inventory explores the ten leadership competencies that are universal and indisputable to leadership effectiveness. The assessment inventory is completed on-line, and takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Full assessment report deliverables outline how a leader measures up against each of the ten leadership competencies.

Bandelli Social and Emotional Intelligence Inventory™ – Explores our approach to developing better work relationships. This assessment inventory looks at the four dimensions of effective relationship building in the workplace (e.g., establishing rapport, understanding differences, developing trust, and cultivating influence). The assessment inventory is completed on-line, and can be completed in 35-40 minutes. Feedback and coaching can be provided after completing the assessment.

Additional psychological assessment inventory offerings include:

  • Leadership Derailer Inventory
  • Leadership Values Inventory
  • High Potential Readiness Inventory
  • 360-Degree Leadership Inventory
  • Team Effectiveness Survey
  • Organizational Culture Survey

For more information on how to strengthen your leadership effectiveness through the use of psychological assessment testing contact Bandelli & Associates at

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